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Climbing in Puerto Varas:

For those fans of a bird´s eye view of one of the most impacting vistas, along with a healthy adrenaline rush, Puerto Varas and the surrounding area offers easy access to Volcanoes Osorno, Calbuco, Villarica, Lanin and Llaima as well as the renowned Cliff faces of Cochamó Valley.
Specialized guides turn the easiest routes as well as the more challenging and rewarding climbs to apex into reminders of how it feels to live life to its fullest.
Learn more about this novel adventure through the following tour operators.


Kayak Melmac Patagonia Agency: Melmac Patagonia
Address: Santa Rosa 608 Interior
Phone: (56) (65) 2230863
Cellphone: (56) (9) 9917 8695
Web: www.melmacpatagonia.com
E-mail: info@melmacpatagonia.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/melmacpatagonia