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Hotels in Puerto Varas:

In Puerto Varas you will find a big range of hotels that it will bring you the quality that you are hoping to get. For every taste and prices your holidays or business meetings are going to be what you expect.


5 Stars Hotels
Hotel Patagonico Puerto Varas Hotel: Patagónico
Address: Klener 349
Phone: (56) (65) 2201000 / 2201014 / 24142013
Web: www.hotelpatagonico.cl
E-mail: reservas@hotelpatagonico.cl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hotelpatagonicopuertovaras
Boutique Hotels
Hotel Casa Molino Hotel: Casa Molino
Address: Parcela 8, Costanera Viento Norte, Sector Molino Viejo, Llanquihue
Phone: (56) (65) 2232142
Celphone: (56) (9) 90398330
Web: www.casamolino.cl
E-mail: reservas@casamolino.cl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/casamolino