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Horse Riding in Puerto Varas:

Puerto Varas offers different options in this beautiful sport, it not only unites us to these amazing animals, but also to the nature that surrounds the area. From riding a few hours to admire the volcanoes and national parks, to several days in unimaginable trails. There are several companies dedicated to horseback riding tours, and also some that will teach you everything about the sport and techniques, not only how to ride, but also the knowledge that you should have when it comes to the treatment and more interestingly, what the horses can teach to us.

Horse Riding Melmac Patagonia Agency: Melmac Patagonia
Address: Santa Rosa 608 Interior
Phone: (56) (65) 2230863
Cellphone: (56) (9) 9917 8695
Web: www.melmacpatagonia.com
E-mail: info@melmacpatagonia.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/melmacpatagonia